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  • “Registration of your group also allows your meeting to receive information from the ACA service structure, i.e., Intergroups, service committees, and WSO. Likewise, the registration gives you a channel to make your group conscience known to the ACA service structure. Registration confirms that your group is a Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions meeting. By following the Steps and Traditions our meetings have a consistency in message and purpose.” 
  • When a person registers a meeting, s/he submits the registration form and you’ll see at the bottom of that form that they agree to the following: “In submitting this form, I certify the following to be true:“our ACA meeting agrees to follow the ACA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions to the best of our ability. Our ACA meeting is not affiliated with any outside organization or established religion. I am authorized to act on behalf of this ACA meeting in submitting this form, and that all the information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge.”
  • If you checked the Meeting Searches: Map Search or the City and State search and were unable to locate a meeting nearby, you may wish to start an ACA meeting in your town. It’s easy. Start by downloading the “Guidelines for a new meeting” from the Literature page. This will give you all the basic materials needed for establishing and running an ACA meeting. The ACA Fellowship Text also includes information on starting a new meeting. For additional information, consider ordering a New Meeting Packet to help in starting your meeting. Both the Fellowship Text and New Meeting Packet are available for purchase in the the Shopping Cart.
  • FAQ how to start a meeting
  • Step by step guidelines for starting a meeting
  • Register a meeting
  • Make a change to or re-register my meeting (yearly)
  • Helpful literature for a new meeting
  • Intergroups that are close to me that might help
  • Sample Meeting Format
  • How can we let people know we’re starting a meeting?

The Handbook portion of our Fellowship Text (p. 559) gives guidance for registering an ACA meeting including a meeting format you can use to conduct a meeting.

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