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WSO is carrying the message to the adult children who are helped by professionals and institutions and you can help!


In an effort to carry the message around the world, we are working to provide literature to those who work with adult children professionally. If there is anyone you know who is a professional who works with adult children or a facility that helps adult children, we are supplying free literature worldwide. If your therapist/social worker etc., could benefit, please let us know. Any professional who works with adult children can email for this. Any facility; a library, a university, a mental health clinic, etc., can email [email protected] to get this free ACA literature. Thank you for your good words and for helping to carry the message.

(From the fellowship text): As we carry our message to the public, we must remember that ACA is a viable and proven program that lines up nicely with 30 years of clinical and medical research on the disease of family dysfunction. No other fellowship addresses the body, mind, and spirit in the manner of ACA understanding. We don’t brag about our fellowship. Yet, we are a program that works for some of the most complex human conditions of the 21st Century. We have a proven solution that brings sure relief and real change. ACA is a way of life that fulfills a person emotionally and spiritually. As a fellowship, too, we can ask for what we need and get it. We can give respect and receive respect from helping professionals who would consider referring our program.

Institutional living:

If you know of anyone who is institutionalized and is an adult child, they can receive ACA literature. If you are in a facility due to your adult issues, you can receive literature. You can arrange for an institution in your town to receive literature. A prison can have literature sent so it will be in their library for the inmates, a nursing home with adult children can receive literature as well as an adult child who is housed in a nursing home, or a rehab facility or a psyche ward, there are many institutions where adult children can receive literature and institutions that can qualify for the literature also for their staff and for their libraries. You can send an email to [email protected] to receive more information on how this works.

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