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We have in-person, online and telephone meetings available. Many meetings in the in-person listing are also now online or telephone, so you might find them on more than one list.
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  • If you attend an ACA meeting and you don’t feel comfortable or it doesn’t resonate with you, please try another meeting.
  • Each meeting is autonomous, which means the group has a certain amount of freedom in making decisions about how they conduct their meeting.
  • ACA meetings can be as different as people are different from each other.
  • See Healthy Meeting Practices.


Additional Resources:   Healthy Meeting Practices   Zoom Meeting Disruptions Suggestions   Meeting Resources

The Search button has been removed and that function is now an automatic feature.  As you choose a new search option, such as when choosing the meeting type, country, focus, format, etc., the system automatically limits your search based on what you have chosen.
Exception: You will need to hit Enter on your computer or device if you are searching by Zip Code or using the Search Text field.