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In addition to alcoholic and addicted families, there are at least five other family types that can produce Adult Children.

“Militaristic” types include those homes with ritualistic beliefs, harsh punishment, and extreme secretiveness, often with ultra-religious or sadistic overtones.  Some of these homes expose children to battery and other forms of criminal abuse.

“Sexual Abuse” types include covert or actual sexual abuse, including incest and inappropriate touching or dress by the parent(s).

“Perfectionistic” types can be shaming homes in which expectations are often too high and praise is typically tied to an accomplishment rather than given freely.

ACA is an anonymous Twelve Step and Twelve Tradition fellowship.  Our meetings offer a safe environment for adult children to share their common experiences.  By attending meetings regularly and by sharing about our lives, we gradually change our thinking and behavior.  By working the ACA program, we find another way to live.

You can use these links to find a list of local ACA meetings, as well as telephone and online.

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